Meet GET at AUVSI Xponential | Denver | May 1 – 3

Global Energy Transmission (GET) joins over 8500 unmanned vehicle industry leaders for the AUVSI Xponential Conference held this May1-3 in the Denver, Colorado Convention Center.

Come meet us and learn about the miracle of wireless powered flight at our exhibitor Booth 3439 – click to the right to register now and reserve your visit.

Today electric drone flight time is just 15 to 30 minutes before batteries must be recharged or swapped. GET’s breakthrough Wireless Power Flight Platform enables battery-powered drones to fly forever between power hotspots. The Platform combines our proprietary wide-area wireless power hotspots with commercial grade drones equipped with our onboard lightweight wireless power receiving antenna and rapid charging system.

GET’s power hotspots wirelessly charge drones on the fly at a rate of over 5 kW per drone at 80% efficiency. Placing power hotspots at 3 to 5 mile intervals enables cost-effective continuous flight across the wireless power cloud network. Power hotspots are safe, operated well within world health organization guidelines, and have no interference with other communications or electronics.

GET’s Wireless Power Flight Platform enables continuous drone parcel deliveries and many other drone-based services in the energy and utilities, construction, security, mapping and surveying, oil and gas, public safety, and agriculture sectors. Come see us to discover the miracle of wireless powered flight, and explore how the GET Air Industrial platform revolutionizes what you can do with drones today.