Wouldn’t it be better/faster to have autonomous charging via some sort of contact method?

We believe that wireless charging is the only option for truly autonomous system, as in-flight wireless charging provides seamless charging experience to prolong your mission: we can literally charge commercial grade drone in minutes while in flight. You no longer depend on dedicated landing spot – we can charge many drones at once as soon as we have enough power at the power source. Additionally, GET wireless charging system is independent of weather conditions and can operate in wide range of environmental conditions/temperature, without any issues.

As for charge rate, it is not limited by charging type (as soon as you have enough power), but depends on battery’s ability to swallow such amount of energy without overheating/degradation. Therefor contact method does not mean faster charging, but always a problem in case of tough environmental conditions.

Although you can land on a specific pad and use our system for charging too, however considering that landing and take-off are most risky events (in any aviation industry), and also energy and time consuming, you may find that keeping drone hovering for few minutes is a best way to make it.

Finally, if drones are operated in remote locations (including BVLOS) or at locations with limited access, you keep full control of your flying vehicle only when it stays in the air – this is what GET offers instantly.