Power Tower Q: How is that all different from Shuman? Usual resonance of Shuman is well known and this idea is not going to work out.

Shuman’s resonance is not resonance of some concrete mode but it is phenomenon of noise in the first harmonics of zero TM-mode related to the fact of presence of impulse excitation of resonator Earth-Ionosphere at the frequency value being close to the first mode (10Hz as around 40-50 lighting discharges is happening per second in average from which according to statistics only 20%-25% hit ground). It is also related to the fact that average frequency of discharges is not distributed evenly on the planet surface (with typical scale of inhomogeneity of such distribution — wavelength period of first harmonics. In other words, noise of Shuman’s resonance is related to the weak presence of spatial-temporal coherency of the lighting strikes. I.e., if lightings would hit evenly along whole surface — Shuman’s resonance, that is, noise at the frequencies of the first harmonics, wouldn’t take a place. In case when average frequency of lighting strikes wouldn’t have value of 10Hz, but would have that of 10kHz then energy maximum would be located in absolutely different harmonics/modes. In addition, only zero Tm-mode gets excited in Shuman’s resonance and in our case other modes will actively take part, as well. Thus, even if there is some sort of resemblance with Shuman’s resonance, our case is not such kind. We do not propose any principally new physical effects, everything is done in strict accordance with the skills that were obtained upon studying classic physics. We just “glued” known skills into explanation of how the Tesla Tower can be completely functional and useful to us.