Power Tower Q: Assumed energy transmission system evokes currents in the Earth. How dangerous are these currents for the living substances and can they affect electronic devices?

In one particular point, the current value is far from limits of the measured values. Therefore, it does not impose any danger to objects/living substances. In addition, current with great value is constantly flowing from atmosphere to the Earth (its value is about 1.8kA in a total over whole area of planet) due to the big difference between potentials of the Earth and upper layers of the atmosphere being around 300 000 V.


X-axis – E, V/cm
Y-axis – N, m

Comment to the Figure. Pattern of the changes in terms of the strength of an electrostatic field E with a height H in the areas denoting good weather conditions. 1 – in pure atmosphere (ocean, arctic areas etc..); 2 – above the mainlands.

Thus, vertical current flows through all living organisms of the planet (and via electronic devices) on a constant basis at any time of day and night and potentials difference between head and heels of the human being comprises around 200V like in socket. However, when converted to surface, the current value appears to be too small (the latter is related to low air and earth conductivity), so that it wouldn’t have effect on anything. Similar situation will be observed during work of the device.