Power Tower Q: In case when conductors, which are electrically long in terms of wavelength, will be located in the ground, wave will be concentrated on them and will eventually attenuate.

It is not true. Presence of the conductors in the ground like pipes in heating systems implies locally improved conductivity of the ground. The latter can result in increase of the Q-factor value of resonance, that is, increase of energy transmission efficiency factor value. In reality, only conductor with sufficient length located not in ground but grounded by one tail can serve as sort of «draining» conductor. There are no such conductors (usually cables of PTL are not grounded even if their length is sufficient, that is, they are not able to «see» alternate potential of the ground, pickups from external field of grounds will be quite weak therefore field gradient value is too small and only alternate potential value of the ground and not of such field is too big).