• 01 Distant Wireless Solution Q: Is it safe for people/animals?

    It is completely safe for people and animals – density of electric or magnetic field in each particular point are under approved limits for general applications.

  • 02 Distant Wireless Solution Q: What are other possible applications of your technology?

    in fact, there are unlimited future applications for many industries:

    • Drones
    • Mobile communication devices
    • Robotics
    • Medical equipment
    • Industrial equipment
    • Wireless charging of pipeline detectors (oil/gas)
    • Warehouse vehicles
    • Electric cars
    • All manner of other electronic devices


  • 03 Distant Wireless Solution Q: Why nobody did this before?

    This solution is now possible due to GET innovation and recently available reasonable cost for high-power semiconductor components in the frequency range we use. Additionally, combination of other technologies in complementary industries made this solution possible as of today.

  • 04 Distant Wireless Solution Q: How beneficial is your transmission cord concept?

    The transmission cord concept allows us to offer unique solution for industrial applications since such cord can be placed around the building, construction, or any other object, providing wireless power for robots and any kind of electronic devices including drones, which can operate in a 24×7 mode in the dedicated area without recharging. This can be used for monitoring, security and other applications.

  • 05 Distant Wireless Solution Q: What distance of transmission you can achieve?

    The key feature of the technology is a long length flexible transmission cord, which forms area of energy reception with a distance of up to 20 meters from the transmission cord. The transmission cord can be much longer and reaching 100s of meters or even several miles!

  • 06 Distant Wireless Solution Q: How your technology is different from others?

    Distant Wireless Power technology based on resonance coupling circuits, however we were able to design unique engineering solution which provides best in class efficiency by distance, operating in the completely safe density of the electromagnetic field.

  • 07 Power Tower Q: What wavelength and frequency range do you use for Power Tower?

    We are in designated civilian use zone up to 10 kHz in many countries including USA, Russia, Canada, UK, and others. Most countries allow use for civilian purpose from 3 to 14 kHz and are unallocated below 9 kHz. Wavelength depends on the particular frequency. For 10kHz frequency wavelength is equal to 30 000 m (18,6 miles)

  • 08 Power Tower Q: Assumed energy transmission system evokes currents in the Earth. How dangerous are these currents for the living substances and can they affect electronic devices?

    In one particular point, the current value is far from limits of the measured values. Therefore, it does not impose any danger to objects/living substances. In addition, current with great value is constantly flowing from atmosphere to the Earth (its value is about 1.8kA in a total over whole area of planet) due to the big difference between potentials of the Earth and upper layers of the atmosphere being around 300 000 V.


    X-axis – E, V/cm
    Y-axis – N, m

    Comment to the Figure. Pattern of the changes in terms of the strength of an electrostatic field E with a height H in the areas denoting good weather conditions. 1 – in pure atmosphere (ocean, arctic areas etc..); 2 – above the mainlands.

    Thus, vertical current flows through all living organisms of the planet (and via electronic devices) on a constant basis at any time of day and night and potentials difference between head and heels of the human being comprises around 200V like in socket. However, when converted to surface, the current value appears to be too small (the latter is related to low air and earth conductivity), so that it wouldn’t have effect on anything. Similar situation will be observed during work of the device.

  • 09 Power Tower Q: Is it true that if energy will be transmitted in such way then it will be possible to get connected and use energy illegally in any part of our planet?

    Question concerning control of connections is quite reasonable. In terms of industrial solution, from the technical point of view, there is series of means which allow protection from unauthorized connection. For instance, complex modulation of work of setup within large frequency range closing mostly access to such transmitted energy is possible to perform. There is also possibility to synchronize work of big amount of the towers so that reasonable amount of power can be picked up only in restricted area of the globe, it is possible to conduct direction finding of such unauthorized connection as well as quite precise determination of geographical coordinates of “cutaway” etc.

    Thus, we have all necessary technical grounds for the use of industrial technologies implying possibility of performing control over energy delivery.

  • 10 Power Tower Q: In case when conductors, which are electrically long in terms of wavelength, will be located in the ground, wave will be concentrated on them and will eventually attenuate.

    It is not true. Presence of the conductors in the ground like pipes in heating systems implies locally improved conductivity of the ground. The latter can result in increase of the Q-factor value of resonance, that is, increase of energy transmission efficiency factor value. In reality, only conductor with sufficient length located not in ground but grounded by one tail can serve as sort of «draining» conductor. There are no such conductors (usually cables of PTL are not grounded even if their length is sufficient, that is, they are not able to «see» alternate potential of the ground, pickups from external field of grounds will be quite weak therefore field gradient value is too small and only alternate potential value of the ground and not of such field is too big).

  • 11 Power Tower Q: How is that all different from Shuman? Usual resonance of Shuman is well known and this idea is not going to work out.

    Shuman’s resonance is not resonance of some concrete mode but it is phenomenon of noise in the first harmonics of zero TM-mode related to the fact of presence of impulse excitation of resonator Earth-Ionosphere at the frequency value being close to the first mode (10Hz as around 40-50 lighting discharges is happening per second in average from which according to statistics only 20%-25% hit ground). It is also related to the fact that average frequency of discharges is not distributed evenly on the planet surface (with typical scale of inhomogeneity of such distribution — wavelength period of first harmonics. In other words, noise of Shuman’s resonance is related to the weak presence of spatial-temporal coherency of the lighting strikes. I.e., if lightings would hit evenly along whole surface — Shuman’s resonance, that is, noise at the frequencies of the first harmonics, wouldn’t take a place. In case when average frequency of lighting strikes wouldn’t have value of 10Hz, but would have that of 10kHz then energy maximum would be located in absolutely different harmonics/modes. In addition, only zero Tm-mode gets excited in Shuman’s resonance and in our case other modes will actively take part, as well. Thus, even if there is some sort of resemblance with Shuman’s resonance, our case is not such kind. We do not propose any principally new physical effects, everything is done in strict accordance with the skills that were obtained upon studying classic physics. We just “glued” known skills into explanation of how the Tesla Tower can be completely functional and useful to us.