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Wireless Power Network

Global Energy Transmission (GET) enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safely and quickly recharging while still in flight. Drones simply hover for a few minutes in one of our large wireless charging area produced by GET Wireless Charging Station, which can be installed kilometers apart along flight routes, and inside.

GET’s solution elevates drone-driven applications to a new level of autonomy, while providing high utilization of the drones, enhanced security and all-weather operations.


GET Air solution includes Ground Station for wireless power transmission and commercial grade drones equipped with built-in GET technologies, including Wireless Power Receiving system and Rapid Battery Charging pack. It allows charging drones literally in a few minutes while in flight!

This product is resulted from many years of intensive research and development in high power electronics and resonant magnetic coupling.

With GET Air solution customers can receive all advantages of services operated by drones, because there is no longer limit to the drones’ flight time, and it makes the whole difference.


Our key advantage and strength – a revolutionary technology based on scientific breakthrough that brings outstanding opportunities and exciting capabilities for drone industry. The company is driven by team of experienced innovative executives, fully focused on delivering the solution.

GET has patented its innovation and holds US and international rights for its core wireless transfer technology.

In a longer perspective GET can scale up its wireless transfer technologies to provide wireless power charging for urban air transportation – i. e. passenger drones/VTOLs can be charged airborne in the same manner.

Latest News


  • Distant Wireless Power solution

    Global Energy Transmission has globally patented the world’s longest distance high power wireless energy transmission solution for powering and rapidly charging commercial grade drones while in flight.

    GET technology provides best efficiency by distance and can deliver kilowatts of power at a distance of many meters...

Disrupting wireless power standards

GET re-invents the commercial drone industry providing a technical solution to power drones in 24x7 mode around dedicated areaa. An electrically powered drone can recharge and fly indefinitely via efficient safe high power in-flight rapid recharging in a GET Wireless Power Station. The company's distance wireless charging technologies uniquely enable drone delivery and many other industrial applications.


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    B2B Turnkey solutions

    Turnkey solutions for industrial applications including monitoring, security, delivery and others

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    Wireless power network

    Building Wireless Power Networks in cooperation with strategic partners to provide wireless power charging as a service for unlimited applications of the drone industry.

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    Technical reference design

    Partnership with leading tech companies, service providers and drones' manufacturers to accelerate and spread out GET technology into the market.


  • 01 Where can I see GET products and technologies?

    We demonstrate our products/solutions at various trade shows across the world.

    Stay tuned – we will announce next trade show soon.

  • 02 Can I test your system?

    We developed Turnkey Solution which includes Ground Station for wireless power transmission and commercial grade drones equipped with built-in GET technologies, including Wireless Power Receiving system and Rapid Battery Charging pack.

    Basic package includes 1 station and 2 drones to use out of the box (installation service provided). Please visit Product section to know more or use Contact form to request a quote/pre-order form.

  • 03 Wouldn’t it be better/faster to have autonomous charging via some sort of contact method?

    We believe that wireless charging is the only option for truly autonomous system, as in-flight wireless charging provides seamless charging experience to prolong your mission: we can literally charge commercial grade drone in minutes while in flight. You no longer depend on dedicated landing spot – we can charge many drones at once as soon as we have enough power at the power source. Additionally, GET wireless charging system is independent of weather conditions and can operate in wide range of environmental conditions/temperature, without any issues.

    As for charge rate, it is not limited by charging type (as soon as you have enough power), but depends on battery’s ability to swallow such amount of energy without overheating/degradation. Therefor contact method does not mean faster charging, but always a problem in case of tough environmental conditions.

    Although you can land on a specific pad and use our system for charging too, however considering that landing and take-off are most risky events (in any aviation industry), and also energy and time consuming, you may find that keeping drone hovering for few minutes is a best way to make it.

    Finally, if drones are operated in remote locations (including BVLOS) or at locations with limited access, you keep full control of your flying vehicle only when it stays in the air – this is what GET offers instantly.

  • 04 Is it safe for people/animals?

    It is completely safe for people and animals. You can stay at 1 meter distance from the transmitting cord 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words it meets World Health organization standard for everyday exposure to electric/magnetic fields, and also not causing any harmful interference to other signals/waves.

  • 05 How about microwave beams for a higher altitude energy transfer?

    We don’t think microwaves (and other beam-type solutions) can be used for practical application for two basic reasons: high-power microwaves are dangerous (in simple words they will burn everything on the way) and you can hardly achieve any reasonable efficiency of power transmission due to physics limitation.

  • 06 Do you have patents?

    GET has a strong IP portfolio and IP asses development plan for all existing and coming inventions, to provide solid support for company’s business development.

    Our core technology is protected by US patents and country-specific applications in all major economies.
    You can check out GET patent for Systems and methods for wireless power transferring

  • 07 What distance of transmission you can achieve?

    The key feature of the technology is a long length flexible transmission cord, which forms spherical area of efficient energy reception.
    Currently we offer GET Air Turnkey Product with up to 8 meters (30 feet) diameter charging area. Technically the transmission cord can be much longer and form various shapes of charging areas – for instance, it can be designed in the form of charging lanes, which may reach 100s of meters or more.


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