For a lot of your best solar resource, you don’t have any available transmission, and siting transmission is not an easy task.

Randy Hickok, the senior vice president at Ivanpah
co-owner NRG Solar

Several large-scale [...] demonstrations are urgently needed to determine solutions that can be deployed at scale, integrating the full set of smart grid technologies with existing electricity infrastructure.

International Energy Agency (IEA)
Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids

Transition to a low-carbon energy system will require a robust power grid infrastructure capable of addressing the intermittent nature of renewable power sources.

BCG, June 2015


Global Energy Transmission (GET) develops innovative solutions for high-power wireless energy transmission over large distances without conventional wires, providing a game-changing opportunity to build a new worldwide wireless energy network for clean energy distribution. It will radically change the possibilities for powering the world in the next 10 years, making renewables #1 world energy source, providing innovative solution for all unresolved issues of wired grids, and delivering tremendous improvement on environmental health.


GET provides unique solution for electric power transmission over large distances via development and installation of in ground transmitting and receiving antenna hardware – no conventional wired grids are required!
We work to build innovation of the century in terms of both of technology and usability:

  • GET Transmitters will be delivered to market with simple, easy to install and maintain design, made of modern materials and electric components for in ground and in air wireless power
  • Thus, delivering end-to-end high-power wireless solution that broadcasts through the Earth-Ionosphere waveguide and which can be deployed at power plant in several weeks and boosted to charge many mobile in air devices.


Our key advantage and strength – a revolutionary technology based on scientific breakthrough that brings outstanding opportunities and exciting capabilities for any industry. The company is driven by team of experienced innovative executives, fully focused on delivering the solution, and further technology development for electric power transmission industry.



  • How it works

    Surface wave is formed by superposition of reactive evanescent modes of waveguide formed by the earth crust and ionosphere...

  • Features

    • Large transmission distance making GET technology transformational and disruptive
    • The only scalable transmission solution
    • Absence of heavy transmission infrastructure
    • Inherently self-balancing...

  • Environmental impact

    GET technology brings extraordinary environmental impact by reducing CO2 emission...



GET re-invents electric power transmission industry providing acceleration of the conversion to clean renewable energy for the benefit of mankind


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    Installation of the specific hardware in transmitting area (i.e. GET Transmitter) and receiving area (GET Receiver).

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    Much less, or even zero cost installation. Model is based on value of transmitted energy since usage of GET technology significantly increases efficiency of renewable energy plants.

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    Turnkey solution in cooperation with top wind turbine/PV producers can be a great choice for investment in renewables.


  • 01 Assumed energy transmission system evokes currents in the Earth. How dangerous are these currents for the living substances and can they affect electronic devices?

    In one particular point, the current value is far from limits of the measured values. Therefore, it does not impose any danger to objects/living substances. In addition, current with great value is constantly flowing from atmosphere to the Earth (its value is about 1.8kA in a total over whole area of planet) due to the big difference between potentials of the Earth and upper layers of the atmosphere being around 300 000 V.


    X-axis – E, V/cm
    Y-axis – N, m

    Comment to the Figure. Pattern of the changes in terms of the strength of an electrostatic field E with a height H in the areas denoting good weather conditions. 1 – in pure atmosphere (ocean, arctic areas etc..); 2 – above the mainlands.

    Thus, vertical current flows through all living organisms of the planet (and via electronic devices) on a constant basis at any time of day and night and potentials difference between head and heels of the human being comprises around 200V like in socket. However, when converted to surface, the current value appears to be too small (the latter is related to low air and earth conductivity), so that it wouldn’t have effect on anything. Similar situation will be observed during work of the device.

  • 02 Pace voltage will not arise like it happens when the broken end of PTL falls to the ground, isn’t it so?

    Yes, it is true. For example, if we think about amplitude of alternate ground potential in the voltage loop of standing wave having value of 15 k and wavelength with the value being 30 000 m (which corresponds to the frequency of 10 kHz and source power value being not more than 1 MW) then it will provide us with «pace voltage» value being of 2V per meter (that is, potential gradient along the Earth surface). Such value is within reasonable limits. Main difference of breakage of PTL is that contact area of PTL cable with ground is minimal and, therefore grounding resistance has maximum value. As a result, biggest part of voltage comes to the small (short) area from the end of cable – it results in high pace voltage in such case. In case of standing wave generated by the GET Power Tower, «localization area» of voltage is quite large (half of wavelength or about dozens of kilometers), therefore pace voltage value will be minimal.

  • 03 Is it true that if energy will be transmitted in such way then it will be possible to get connected and use energy illegally in any part of our planet?

    Question concerning control of connections is quite reasonable. In terms of industrial solution, from the technical point of view, there is series of means which allow protection from unauthorized connection. For instance, complex modulation of work of setup within large frequency range closing mostly access to such transmitted energy is possible to perform. There is also possibility to synchronize work of big amount of the towers so that reasonable amount of power can be picked up only in restricted area of the globe, it is possible to conduct direction finding of such unauthorized connection as well as quite precise determination of geographical coordinates of “cutaway” etc.

    Thus, we have all necessary technical grounds for the use of industrial technologies implying possibility of performing control over energy delivery.